The working world is becoming more complex: there is a growing requirement for digital mobility and interoperability within strict legislative and compliance frameworks whilst balancing the need to protect against emerging cyber threats.

Growing businesses need GetBusy’s specialist productivity software solutions to enable them to work securely and efficiently with their customers, suppliers and teams anytime, anywhere.

Our software suite includes a range of tools and end-to-end workflows such as digital asset and document management, tailored templates, quotes/proposal development, form-fill, authentication, e-signatures and approvals, workflow and task management, chat, and complex digital certification.

These solutions can be delivered flexibly across cloud, mobile, hosted and on-premise platforms, whilst integrating seamlessly with a wide variety of other class-leading core business systems, such as ERP, accounting, tax, policy management and insolvency practice management systems.

With over 75,000 paying users across multiple market sectors and jurisdictions, GetBusy is an established and fast-growing SaaS business delivering sustained double-digit growth in high-quality recurring subscription revenue over the long term.

One of GetBusy's productive and happy people

GetBusy - Senior Operations

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Jane Doe

One of GetBusy's productive and happy people

GetBusy - Senior Operations

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Jane Doe

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The original and arguably the most important rule.

If we can satisfy our customers – and genuinely improve their lives – success will follow. This applies to every single customer. Every time. At every point of interaction no matter how small. No exceptions.


Your toughness and perseverance is a better predictor of your success than any other factor. Also, the happiest and most successful people are the ones who persevere: grit is long-term.

There will be achievements and failures along the way – embrace the journey.

It's hard to beat a person who never gives up, so roll up your sleeves and DO things already.


We'll keep this one short.

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough, no matter how smart you are.

Always challenge yourself to radically simplify.


Stay positive.

Positive thinking will allow us to achieve the impossible.

No egos. Best idea wins.

We've got each other's back. There are introverts, extroverts, creative, emotional and logical thinkers. We need everyone working together to win.

A culture of innovation, not fear.


We're out to change the world.

Therefore, we need to break from convention and be a disruptor to win.

We're an agile company. That means not being afraid of change.

Remember: to improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often.


We're a data driven organisation. We must be led by our data, and be agile to it.

We need to collect as much data as possible, understand it as simply as possible, then come to the best possible decision.

You must determine your own personal success with data. If you don't report on it, it didn't happen.

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Our capabilities and key integration partnerships are categorised according to where they sit in three areas of our clients’ workflows: initiating work, managing work and completing work.

Together with our core capabilities, which have been part of our offering for a number of years, we have an increasing range of newly acquired or newly built technologies that offer expansion opportunities within the existing customer base or openings into new markets.

Additionally, we have identified areas of future capability enhancement, adding further to our growth opportunity, such as client onboarding workflows, which have applications across broad markets.

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Dr Miles Jakeman

Dr Miles

Non-Executive Chairman


Miles is the co-founder of the Citadel Group Limited (CGL), a Canberra startup that listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in November 2014 and sold in 2020 for over £284 million.

He has regularly advised senior business leaders and government officials, including representing countries in ministerial level forums. His key skills cover business strategy, program management, security risk management and staff development.

Miles was appointed as a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for significant service to business, to national security and to the community.


  • Audit committee member

  • Remuneration committee member

Daniel Rabie, Chief Executive Office, GetBusy

Daniel Rabie

Chief Executive Officer


Daniel is passionate about technology solutions and their impact on the business landscape. He has a deep understanding of what it takes to build a successful SaaS business.

Daniel started his career in corporate advisory before moving to senior positions in a start-up venture and a cloud technology company. Daniel became Strategic Director of Reckon in 2010 and in 2015 was appointed as Reckon’s Chief Operating Officer leading the strategic direction of Reckon’s IT, Development, Marketing and HR shared service divisions across four countries.

During this time Daniel managed the delivery of innovative online accounting, fintech and document management solutions to thousands of customers globally and led the demerger of GetBusy.

Paul Haworth, Chief Financial Officer, GetBusy

Paul Haworth

Chief Financial Officer


Paul spent a decade with Deloitte advising a range of listed and private technology and software clients, leading a number of transformational M&A engagements.

Since then he has spent 10 years in senior corporate and commercial financial roles with listed international high-tech manufacturers, including Consort Medical, Dialight and LPA. He joined GetBusy immediately after IPO in 2017 and assembled an outstanding team around him.

Paul is a chartered accountant and holds a degree in Astronomy from University College London.

Nigel Payne

Nigel Payne

Non-Executive Director


Nigel has considerable experience as a director of both publicly listed and private companies. He has extensive experience of listing companies and fundraising, having been actively involved in over ten IPOs and over 20 corporate acquisition and disposal transactions.

Nigel was previously Chief Executive Officer of Sportingbet Plc, one of the world’s largest internet gambling companies which made a number of acquisitions whilst listed on the London Stock Exchange and was later bought by GVC plc.

Nigel holds an executive MBA from the IMD Business School (Lausanne, Switzerland) and a degree in Economics and Accounting from Bristol University.


  • Remuneration committee chairman

  • Audit committee member

Clive Rabie

Clive Rabie

Non-Executive Director


Clive is an experienced private and public company director, with a range of directorships.

He has extensive management and operation experience in the IT and retail sectors as both an owner and director of companies. Clive was Chief Operating Officer of Reckon from 2001 to February 2006 during which time he played a pivotal role in the turnaround of the company.

From February 2006 to June 2018 Clive was the Chief Executive Officer and then the Managing Director of Reckon and now continues as its Chairman.

Clive has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Cape Town.

Paul Huberman

Paul Huberman

Non-Executive Director


Paul has over 30 years’ experience in the real estate and finance sectors and has considerable experience as a director of both publicly listed and private companies.

Paul was previously finance director at 3 companies listed on the London Stock Exchange, including Asda Property Holdings plc, Regent Inns plc and Grantchester Holdings plc.

Paul is currently a non-executive director at London-listed Town Centre Securities plc and a director at Galliard Homes Ltd, a major UK homebuilder as well as several smaller private companies.

Paul is a chartered accountant and chartered tax adviser and holds a degree in Economics from Manchester University.


  • Audit committee chairman

  • Remuneration committee member


We are proud that our products equip our customers to move away from paper-based processes, reducing waste and eradicating the carbon associated with transporting, storing and destroying paper records.

We strive to ensure our own operations are as benign as possible for the environment. Our two main offices in Houston and Cambridge sit in repurposed industrial buildings, utilising the existing concrete frame and substructure to reduce CO2 emission during construction.

Our “green teams” explore new ways for us to have a positive impact on the environment and develop novel metrics to measure our impact.

As a cloud software business, we are excited to be working with Amazon Web Services and their new toolset to monitor and reduce the carbon footprint of our services, and we look forward to transitioning to fully renewable energy for our cloud services by 2025.

A person on the GetBusy website
A person on the GetBusy website


Underpinning our success is a strong, dynamic culture into which we invest substantial time and resources. This enables us to recruit, motivate and retain an outstanding team of highly talented, aligned and motivated people. Our shared values are carefully defined, embedded throughout the business and routinely guide our decisions.

Throughout the Group, we adopt a simple management framework to empower our people to do their best work. The four components of Purpose, Alignment, Mastery and Autonomy combine to foster a high performing, creative environment that leads to people being motivated and fulfilled in their roles.

We encourage our people to play active roles in their communities.  Working in partnership with OnHand, we identify ongoing opportunities for volunteering across a range of activities, including food bank deliveries, contributing to community kitchens and regular companionship phonecalls for those on their own.  Each member of the team can take two paid charity days each year and we encourage flexible working to allow our people to have active family lives and make a positive difference in the world.